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Welcome to my corner of the web, Something Akin to Motion. My name is larisse. A nom de plume of course, but everyone deserves a little anonymity in their lives once and a while. This site started out as a place for me to showcase my poetry, but has really become so much more to me. My poetry is still featured here, but soon I hope to be able to include some of my stories in synopsis form. (Anyone wanting to read them would have to e-mail me and ask nicely :).

- January 4, 2005

I have also included an area for my friends' so they can showcase their own works and sites. I am grateful to them for allowing me to display them. Thank you guys.

Check Things You Oughta Know to find out what and when I've done some updating. It is a rare occassion when I update, but I do update.

I hope that you enjoy the site. Please, e-mail with your comments, suggestions, or complaints at or write in my guestbook below.

A Bit of History

Since I've started, I've changed the name of the site, the logo, added a forum, my own domain name, and a web writing journal. And I have many more new ideas and additions to come. I plan to feature some stories as I had originally intended sometime in the future. Most likely they will just be synopsis with the option of being able to download the full story with my permission. I may later allow others to keep their own stories on this site for the same purpose. I have no idea how far I will take this site, but it's nice to know I can. Godspeed to the future.

--Thanks for the all these years past --
Sunday, June 1, 2003